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On 28th November 1987, a South African Airways Boeing 747 Combi, “Helderberg”, crashed into the sea off the coast of Mauritius on a flight from Taipei, Taiwan to Plaisance, Mauritius. There were no survivors. This tragedy had a direct bearing on the decision to form a philatelic society in Mauritius as it led to a meeting between the two founder members of the Society, Yvan Martial and Mico W Antoine.

The outcome of this encounter was a special feature in the daily local newspaper “l'express” of the 4th December 1987 on Captain Davie Uys, the pilot of the ill-fated airliner and renowned South African aero-philatelist. The article of “l'express” was subsequently reproduced in "The Aeroletter" No. 48 of March 1988.

The material for the story published in “l'express” was prepared from “The Aeroletter”, the official organ of the South African Aero-Philatelic Society, which Mico W Antoine had been receiving from Colin Plen.

Colin Plen, the editor of “The Aeroletter” and Mico W Antoine had been exchanging letters after the latter responded to an appeal from the former for help on Namibia First Day Covers published in the June 1982 issue of Stamp Magazine.

Delivery Flight cover of a Boeing 747 S.P. to Air Mauritius (cover addressed to Capt. D J Uys)

In February 1988 Yvan Martial met once more with Mico W Antoine and it was decided to publish all the post-independence stamps of Mauritius in “l'express” on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of Independence.

In May 1988 “Philatelic Corner”, under the initials WMA started to appear on a fortnightly basis. The interest generated by “Philatelic Corner” confirmed the need for a philatelic society in Mauritius and in July 1989 the decision was taken to form the Mauritius Philatelic Society. Between July and October 1989, 194 local collectors responded to a questionnaire published in “Philatelic Corner” on the need to form a properly structured philatelic society in Mauritius.

On 17th October 1989 a management committee was formed and the constitution of the Society adopted at a meeting held on the premises of “La Sentinelle Ltd” in Port Louis.

On 27th November, the Rules and Regulations of the Mauritius Philatelic Society were approved by the Registrar of Associations and the Certificate of Registration was issued on 30th November 1989. On 15th December 1989 the management committee met in Port Louis to take cognizance of the rules and regulations of the Mauritius Philatelic Society and to approve the
society’s newsletter project.
On 10th February 1990 the first members meeting of the society was held in Quatre Bornes in front of 36 members out of the 45 paid up members from the list of 194 who had shown interest.