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August 2015
New postal charges came into effect on 1st August 2015, six years after the last postal rate increase on 9th July 2009.
Inland rate is now Rs 10/first 20 grammes from Rs 7.
Overseas rates increased by Rs 3 for all three zones.
More on the Mauritius Post website.
June 2015
A single Rs 17 stamp titled 'Disaster Risk Prevention' was issued on 29 June 2015. The stamp depicts scenes of Canal Dayot.
April 2015
There are 8 stamps to be issued in 2015 as listed in the stamp programme.
June - 1 stamp - Prevention of Natural Disasters
September - 1 stamp - Commemorating 300 Years of French Arrival in Mauritius
November - 2 stamps - 200 Years of the National Archives; 100thBirth Anniversary of Guy Rozemont.
December - 4 stamps -Flora and Fresh Water Fauna of Mauritius
October 14
9 October - Rs 14 Green Turtle stamp issued. This was part of an Omnibus issue with six countries in the region participating - Comores, Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles and TAAF.
New Post Office opened at Trianon Shopping Park on 9 October 2014.
Belle Rose post office closed on 16 October 2014.
May 14
A set of four stamps commemorating Anniversaries and Events was issued on 28 May.
Rs 8 - 150th Death Anniversary of Bienheureux Pere Laval
Rs 14 - 10th Anniversary of the Creation of Ombudsperson for Children's Office
Rs 15 - 200th Anniversary of the Arrival of Reverend Jean Joseph Lebrun to Mauritius
Rs 25 - 25 Years of the Introduction of Mobile Telephony in Mauritius
March 14
A set of 3 stamps titled 'Fauna and Flora' was issued on 28 March.
Rs 7 - Dragon Fly
Rs14 - Rousette de Rodrigues
Rs 25 - Pignon d'Inde
Member Jean Auguste is working on a comprehensive listing of the Aerogrammes of Mauritius based on the Higgins and Gage catalogue. Jean wishes to obtain information from other sources so as to produce an up to date listing cum catalogue. He may be contacted via this website or the Society postal address.
Publication of the Aerogrammes listing is tentatively scheduled for the end of 2014.
February 14
The Stamp Issue Programme for 2014 as listed in the Cabinet Decisions of 7 February is as follows:
1.Fauna and Flora illustrating a bat (La Rousette de Rodrigues),the Dragon Fly and the Pignon d'Inde.
2. Anniversaries and Events - (a) Bicentenary of the arrival of Reverend Jean Lebrun in Mauritius, (b) 25 Years of Introduction of Mobile Phone in Mauritius, (c) 10th Anniversary of the creation of the Ombudsman for Children's Office and (d) 150th Death Anniversary of Pere Laval.
3. "Animal Emblematique de L'Ocean Indien", a joint regional project headed by the Association Philatelique de L'Ocean Indien featuring the green tortoise
December 13
On 11 December, a set of two stamps commemorating Eminent Personalities ( Herve Masson and Prof Alexander De Smith) was issued by Mauritius Post. The FDC was priced at Rs 85 for two stamps of face value Rs 9 and Rs 26 respectively.
November 13
College du St Esprit where the Society holds its  monthly meetings celebrates 75 years of existence in 2013 and issued a SCC on 27 November.
October 13
A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 9th October by Mauritius Post on the occasion of World  Post Day. 
'Meter marks of Mauritius' is now available. This 76 page publication in colour is a must for collectors of Mauritian meter marks and those wishing to start or sort out their collection of modern postal history of Mauritius.
Cost : US$ 28 + postage/packing US$ 17 to worldwide (US$ 4 to Australia).
Payment by Paypal.  Send your details to
August 13
A set of 3 stamps on Fauna and Flora was issued on 30 August. The values are
Rs 3 - Hurricane Palm, Rs 10 - Orchid and Rs 18 - Mascarene Swallow.
On 14 August, Mauritius Post launched the "Correct Addressing Campaign" by rubberstamping as many letters as possible with a red cachet for a month.
July 13
PostMobile 2 service now includes the village of Mare Tabac on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
St Hubert is now serviced daily, Cluny on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, Camp Fouquereaux and Hermitage on Monday,  Wednesday and Friday only.
Le Morne Village is now serviced by a Mobile Shuttle Van on Monday to Friday from 9.40 a.m. to 10.25 a.m.
May 13
The Vacoas post office has been relocated to the New Municipal Complex on Swami Sivananda Avenue opposite the Market Fair on 6 May. The same range of services is available at the new location. The official inauguration of the Complex took place on 15 May.
New stamps were issued on 30 May.
Rs 2 and Rs 6 - Maurice Ile Durable (MID)
Rs 3 - 150th Anniversary of Red Cross
Rs 18 - 63rd FIFA Congress, Mauritius.
The first 3 values were affixed to a First Day Cover priced at Rs 45 and the last value solo on a separate FDC priced at Rs 55.
The lower values do not represent any current postal rates and could be an indication of an imminent postal rate change.
A monograph "Meter marks of Mauritius" is under preparation and due for publication in August / September. 76 pages in colour covering the commercial meter marks, post office meter marks and WebRiposte labels.
April 13
Post Coding in Mauritius
Vacoas is the first Municipal Council Area (MCA) to be fully post coded in mainland Mauritius. The area involved is covered by Glen Park Delivery Centre. It includes Wards I, II, III and IV of Vacoas/Phoenix and Ward I of Curepipe/Floreal. Wards V and VI of Vacoas/Phoenix being outside of the Glen Park Delivery Centre are not included. The start date is recorded as 25 April 2013. The code is a five digit number e.g. 73401 for Allee Brilliant, 73216 for La Marie.
Rodrigues was the first area to be post coded in November 2012. Details were published in  20°10’ No. 9 of December 2012.
The "Sites and Monuments" stamps were issued on 18 April.
Rs 5 - Prison de Belle Mare
Rs 9 - Chateau Bel Ombre
Rs 10 - IBL - Bowen Square
Rs 18 - Le Batelage
March 13
National Day Celebrations - Propaganda handstamps were issued to 35 post offices in Mauritius to be impressed on a 'maximum number of correspondence, inland and foreign' from 6 to 31 March. The rubber handstamp struck in violet bears the following : "Enn Pei, Enn Nasion, Ene Destin" on three lines in increasing fonts and "45th Anniversary of Independence / 21st Anniversary of the Republic" on two lines in a smaller font.
February 13
The stamp issue programme for 2013 was announced at the Cabinet meeting of 8 February 2013.

Stamps would be issued on the following themes:

(a) Sites and Monuments, comprising a series of four stamps showing Le Batelage at Souillac, the Stone Building of Ireland Blyth situated at Bowen Square, Port Louis, the Prison of Belle Mare and the Chateau de Bel Ombre;

(b) Anniversaries and Events comprising four stamps to mark the centenary of Red Cross, Maurice Ile Durable and the holding of FIFA Congress in Mauritius;

(c) Fauna and Flora comprising three stamps showing the Bras d’Eau Reserve and the Hurricane Palm; and

(d) Eminent Personalities comprising two stamps to pay tribute to Hervé Masson and Prof Stanley Alexander de Smith
January 13
St Hubert post office closed on 12 January 2013. The locality is now served by the PostMobile service.
Society News
April 2015
The 25th Anniversary Souvenir Magazine will be distributed to local members at the April meeting. The 120 page full colour publication co-edited by MW Antoine and KP Kwan Cheung summarises 25 years of philatelic events in Mauritius as well as the activities of the Society.
Click here for   Cover   and       Contents Page
The 2015 Management Committee is as follows:
President - Mico W Antoine
Vice President - Nasser A Maderbokus
Treasurer - Saoud Mauthoor
Vice Treasurer - Alain Louis
Secretary - Swatantrenand Motah 
Vice Secretary - Randhir Mungra
Members - Jean J Auguste; Thonyno Dieudonne; Arnaud Guibert 
March 2015
The Annual General Meeting will be held on 07 March 2015. Members are urged to attend to ensure a quorum on the day.
Work on the 25th Anniversary Souvenir Magazine is nearing completion. The 120 page A4 publication in colour will go for printing soon. It is scheduled for presentation to the members at the April society meeting.
December 14
Committee member Monique Fok Shan has been replaced by Swatantrenand Motah as per Article 5 of the Rules and Regulations at the Committee meeting of 6 December.
October 14
A polo shirt, a coffee mug and a souvenir plate with the Society logo have been made available to members to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Society.
A souvenir magazine (100 pages +) is also under preparation to mark this milestone event. Publication is expected for early 2015.
March 14
The Committee for 2014 is constituted as follows:
President - Mico W Antoine
Vice President - Nasser A Maderbokus
Treasurer - Judex L Adrien
Vice Treasurer - Saoud Mauthoor
Secretary - Tarkesswar N Greedharrye
Vice Secretary - Assenjee I Kara
Members - Jean J Auguste; Thonyno Dieudonne; Monique Fok Shan    
February 2014
The Annual General Meeting will be held on 8 March 2014. Local members are urged to attend to ensure a quorum for the meeting.
January 2014
The dates for the 2014 monthly meetings have been uploaded under Activities tab. As usual there is no meeting in January. The first meeting of the year is on 8 February (1 February being a public holiday).
December 2013
Another stamp collecting club is formed in Cassis. The Society is providing assistance to run the meetings which are held in the Freddy Desvaux Polyvalent Centre.
November 2013
In view of the 25th Anniversary of the Society in 2014, proposed activities for the second half of 2014 were discussed in detail.
The Port Louis Municipal Stamp Club met on 9 November in the Municipal Junior Library.
October 2013
'Meter Marks of Mauritius' was available to members attending the meeting who have reserved a copy.
September 2013
Eric Hutton, Editor of I.O. of the Indian Ocean Study Circle is admitted as a member of the Society.
August 2013
The Port Louis Municipal Stamp Club met on 24 August in the Junior Library. The meeting in July was held on 13 of the month.
July 2013
The Society welcomes new overseas member Jean Paul Lachaut from France who joined whilst on a visit to Mauritius.
Member Jean Claude Montocchio based in Paris attended the monthly meeting. 
June 2013
The June meeting featured  'Stamp Booklets of Mauritius' by member Dr A N Maderbokus.
6 members participated in the Society Outing on 15 June. Places visited included J Barnard's grave in the Western Cemetery - Les Salines, R  E Hart gardens, Kwan Tee Pagoda, Mauritius Government Railway Sheds in Caudan, Jardin de La Companie, St James Cathedral, St Louis Cathedral and finally La Citadelle Fort.
May 2013
The May meeting was a high calibre presentation by member Derek Taylor on his postal history collection including Barred Oval Numeral Cancels.
April 2013
Back issues of Linn's Stamps News were given free to members attending the April meeting.
The Junior Stamp Club of the Municipality of Port Louis usually meets on the second Saturday of the month. In April the meeting was cancelled due to the cyclone Imelda. 
March 2013
The Annual General Meeting was held on 2 March 2013. All business were transacted as per notice. The 2013 Committee is as follows:
President : M W Antoine
Vice President : Dr A N Maderbokus
Treasurer : J L Adrien
Vice Treasurer : A Koenig
Secretary : T N Greedharrye
Vice Secretary : I A Kara
Members : J Auguste, S Mauthoor, T Dieudonne
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